And (Princeton Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets) by Debora Greger

By Debora Greger

From the identify poem:


pink as useless shrimp, the unborn curls in its tide pool--seed pearl

whose mom lusters over irritant love it's too past due to dislodge;

little anemone, shrinking from contact. So and holds separate what it such a lot heavily binds.


"Ms. Greger's poems ensue on the element of stumble upon among the brain and the area of subject. . . . And it's the resistance of the genuine and the expanding urgency the poet feels in attempting to extinguish her solitude . . . that make those poems emotional."--The long island instances ebook Review

Originally released in 1985.

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Past the Tiber, past gray Alps vaguely north, a ruler's sweeping gesture mortared miles of air. It wasn't enough, three and a half centuries just fishline skimming stream before surface gives and line sinks, no longer its own reflection. Empire of burr and heather, citizen sheep and rock. Grounds Just ribs, the greenhouse floods with milky, nurturant air— chambered nautilus laid open, child's roar of ocean spiraled down nursery floor. Forgetfulness sweeps up broken flower pots, upended cakes of dirt tipsily celebrating dry years to come, beetles feasting on abandon— as if again, beneath palms arranged in choirs, winter lettuce and voluptuous orchids grow for the mansion, the mansion that isn't there.

Melon Rind, Brain Coral Pressing the blossom end of a runty, out-of-season cantaloupe, I trace the loose knit of a baby's skull, more cartilaginous fish than lumbering mammal. What does the sharp intake of breath promise? Lungs, those water wings, fill, buoyancy a physical joy inflated with a loss unspeakable before memory. A lone scull of sleep floats those waters oar by oarstroke, exoskeletal water bug rippling, ripping sky's reflected cloth into wakefulness. Vine or reef— what does the involuntary crash and tug of breath's waves deliver?

Blond floors above all this, a denimed demi-god is buying a story you're selling, all rights. In the engorged Pacific, a wet-suited surfer rises, slick as freeway, no allusion to any other myth, from the cash-green sea. A. una veduta ideata And packing sketches, ink, knife, and quills, down from his imagined vantage point wound a man as in one of the rococo carriages he'd drawn, smoothing frock coat and wig. Foreshortened, the locked curve of freeway exit straightens, debouching just short of a headwall of sea—the way his prints take the specks straggling in foreground toward vistas of vanishing—sea into itself; canyon overrun by morning glory gone wild; orchards turned under, paved over; your hand pointing to a cliff-hanging house, crossing it out.

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