Anatomy of a Motherboard Article by Marty Sems Lori Garris

By Marty Sems Lori Garris

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Color Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy. Internal Organs

A well-balanced blend of a scientific textual content, reference fabric and multicolor illustrations make this three-volume set eminently beneficial for college students and practitioners alike. Skillful visible method of anatomy, that's a needs to in each physician's schooling, is fortunately wedded to a lucid textual content juxtaposed web page by means of web page with really good multicolor illustrations in any such demeanour that the concise description of the practical facets of anatomy presents an invaluable consultant for the perceptive pupil.

Clinical Anatomy An Illustrated Review with Questions and Explanations

This ebook is written for clinical, dental, allied overall healthiness scholars, and nurses who're getting ready for examinations. it's also for college students in the course of their medical clerkships and for interns who require a brief evaluation ofba-sic scientific anatomy. This variation has been changed to mirror the lowered volume of fabric required in modem curricula.

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This moment variation of quantity three within the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy sequence now covers anatomy of the neck in addition to anatomy of the pinnacle and neuroanatomy. It contains over 2 hundred lovely new anatomic illustrations in addition to a considerable variety of extra scientific correlations. Descriptions of anatomic constructions and their relationships to each other, in addition to details at the improvement of the constructions, anomalies, and customary pathologies, seem in each bankruptcy.

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Study tasks • Shade lines between the attachment points, and consider the muscle functions . • Observe and test on a muscular colleague by asking them to place their hands on their hips and extend their shoulders while you stand behind and restrain their elbows. The muscle should be visible along the lower lateral border of the scapula. Copyrighted Material Movements of the entire shoulder girdle latissimus dorsi ('widest muscle of the back') / Attachment on anterior surface This is the largest, widest muscle of the back, which inserts into the humerus and therefore becomes a powerful extensor, adductor and medial rotator muscle of the shoulder.

Brachioradialis ('muscle of the arm and radius') Attachments • Upper part of the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus. • Lateral side of radius above the styloid process. Nerve supply Radial nerve (C5, C6, C7). Functions • Flexion of the elbow particularly from the position midway between pronation and supination (as in a karate 'chop'). • Assists pronation from a position of full supination. • Assists supination from a position of full pronation. Study tasks • Shade lines between the attachment points and consider the muscle functions.

The radiocarpal joint between the head of the radius and the proximal row. The midcarpal joint between the proximal and distal rows. This is really a functional boundary, although Gray gives it the status of a 'compound sellar joint' (saddle joint) (Gray's Anatomy 1995). Study tasks • Shade the carpal bones in different colours and memorize the names. • Highlight the names of the two functional joint lines described above . • Obtain a bone specimen and identify the features shown. The joints between the carpal bones (intercarpal joints) are all complex synovial plane joints, except for the radiocarpal joint which is synovial and ellipsoid.

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