An Old Man's Toy: Gravity at Work and Play in Einstein's by A Zee

By A Zee

Discusses present theories in regards to the position of gravity within the universe, and summarizes Einstein's contributions to trendy realizing of its nature

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"Dies ist kein Lehrbuch der theoretischen Physik, auch kein Kompendium der Physikgeschichte . .. , vielmehr eine recht anspruchsvolle Sammlung historischer Miniaturen zur Vergangenheit der theoretischen Physik - ihrer "Sternstunden", wenn guy so will. Frei vom Zwang, etwas Erschöpfendes vorlegen zu müssen, gelingt dem Autor etwas Seltenes: einen "lebendigen" Zugang zum Ideengebäude der modernen Physik freizulegen, .

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I_' n. I a •• a'a. II .... • .. I ,. • ..... • . II -- _ . ~:~ ... II .. II . .. symbol,. in contrast) is not threefold symmetric. 5a,. ­ Thus, symmetry imposes a restriction. Symmetry tells us what can ari~:· - .. what cannot be. II ... II ............

A sky diver jumps out of a plane and feels an exhilarating floating ,\. sensation. Her mind tells her that eventually she will reach solid ground; < . her parachute had better open or she will be turned to mud~ But for now, \ she can close her eyes and enjoy the floating sensation. She knows that ) she is falling because of the air rushing up past her. Imagine removing the ) air. Were it feasible for a sky diver to fall through a pure vacuum, she :::. would not know she is falling.


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