An introduction to databases with web applications by Martyn Prigmore

By Martyn Prigmore

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This simple scheme can cut the number of messages each network device has to check. Although there are a number of different technologies for building networks, the subnetworks of a LAN all use the same networking technology. This means that all the messages use the same language, and bridges only need to rebroadcast the original message; no translation is required. LANs bring benefits to individual organizations in the form of information and resource sharing. There are further benefits to be gained by interconnecting many organizational networks to create a network of networks.

For example, it is not that easy to create a ‘chapter, section, subsection’ structure in an HTML document. The HTML physical style elements are another problem, as they mean the mark-up to define content and the mark-up to define presentation are mixed together. These problems led to the development of a new language for defining document models, called the Extensible Mark-up Language (XML). XML was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and work continues on defining the XML standard and a set of related technologies that support the use of XML for sharing documents across the Internet.

While the discussion has been reasonably rigorous, it has not gone into details. These details follow in subsequent chapters. Further reading This chapter has provided a brief introduction to a number of features of information systems that you may already have met. If not, you may wish to do a little background reading. Avison and Fitzgerald (2003) provides a good introduction to information systems development, discussing a variety of approaches and describing a range of tools and techniques.

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