An Example of a Simply Connected Surface Bounding a Region by Alexander J. W.

By Alexander J. W.

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However, the practice sessions would certainly have been useful in simulating near-Earth gravity conditions. If Cunningham's backpack and spacesuit had weighed 185 pounds, he would have become totally exhausted in minutes, but he was not. Incredibly, his 1964 simulations involved spacesuit pressure. This implies that he carried oxygen and some sort of cooling system, otherwise he would have quickly passed out from heat exhaustion. All this evidence points to the conclusion that the life-support systems and spacesuits were light enough for the astronauts to have performed in high lunar gravity conditions for extended periods of time.

It is only reasonable to make sure that once the men are there, they can perform their tasks in the best possible manner. If they were not used, then perhaps NASA wanted to continue to convince the public that the Moon had a weak gravity. If the astronauts were encumbered, there would be less chance of a breach in the cover-up. The bulkiness and weight would be good excuses for anemic jumping and maneuvering attempts. However, it was just pointed out that the Apollo 16 astronauts had great flexibility with improved suits, yet they were still not capable of worthy jumping feats.

The tapes were later released and assuming that they were complete, the astronauts had handled themselves with great control. Reporters subsequently began to refer to the NASA initials as meaning Never A Straight Answer. 4 The following is 56 MOONGATE a summary of his account. At midnight, the glass viewing room behind the Mission Control consoles was filled with VIPs such as Administrator Paine; his deputy, George M. Lowe; the astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Borman; C. Stark Draper, director of the Instrumentation Laboratory of MIT where the Apollo inertial guidance system was developed; and Wernher von Braun.

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