An Atlas of Anatomy Basic to Radiology by Isadore Meschan

By Isadore Meschan

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A well-balanced mixture of a medical textual content, reference fabric and multicolor illustrations make this three-volume set eminently worthy for college kids and practitioners alike. Skillful visible method of anatomy, that's a needs to in each physician's schooling, is fortunately wedded to a lucid textual content juxtaposed web page by means of web page with brilliant multicolor illustrations in this type of demeanour that the concise description of the sensible facets of anatomy offers an invaluable consultant for the perceptive scholar.

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In the second type of ossification (endochondral>, osteoblasts develop in a cartilaginous environment. Their source is thought to be perichondrial cells, or fibrous connective tissue cells, and the means by which these penetrate the cartilage cells is described below. BONE INTRAMEMBRANOUS OSSIFICATION B, A B c D E G F H D ia gra m to illustrate the growth and ossification of a ty p i cal l ong bone: A, Primary cartilaginous anlage. B, Primary center of ossification in shaft with early conversion of perichondrium to p erio teu .

5. Invasion of the disintegrating calcific zone by blood ves­ sels and osteogenic ce1\s. 6. Elaboration of bony matrix around the calcific foci re­ maining, forming trabeculae of bone. With the progressive development of the vascular system, the perichondrium is invaded by blood vessels. The ce1\s which were chondroblasts and chondrocytes within the perichondrium become osteoblasts, and a thin layer or shell of bone is laid down around the cartilaginous anlage. The perichondrium has thus become the periosteum (Fig.

The association of irradiation with cancer of the thyroid in children. , 159:1007-1009, 1955. Crow, J. : Genetic considerations in establishing maximum radiation doses. Radiology, 69:1822, 1957. : Thorotrast tumors: A review of the literature and report of two cases. Acta Path. Microbiol. , 53: 147- 1 6 1 , 1961. : Genetic loads in natural populations. Science, 126: 1 9 1 - 194, 1957. Dunn, L. : Radiation and genetics. Scientific Monthly, 84:6-10, 1957. : The shortening of life by chronic whole-body irradiation.

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