Algorithmic Aspects of Flows in Networks by Günther Ruhe

By Günther Ruhe

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The fundamental steps of the network simplex method without refinements as data structures for handling the trees or different pivot selection rules are presented in procedure SIMPLEX. Therein, the existence of a feasible basic solution x E X related to a spanning tree T = AC (V,~) := A - and sets ~, AC - : = « i , j) AC+ := «i,j) is assumed. I(T,a» end end SUbsequently, we describe the various steps performed by the network simplex method in greater detail. This includes a description of the two subroutines COMPUTE PRICES and CYCLE.

27 (Goldberg 1985) Procedure Goldberg I calculates a preflow g and a cut (X,X*) with the following properties: (i) (i,j) E o+(X) implies g(i,j) c(i,j) (ii) (i,j) E r(X) implies g(i,j) 0 (iii) e(j) = 0 for all vertices j E X*, j ~ n. If Q is maintained as a stack, the algorithm runs in o(n 2 ·m) time. • In the second phase of the algorithm, the excess of vertices of X is returned to 1 along estimated shortest paths. Therefore, a vertex dl: d1(1) labeling = 0 and d1(j) S d1(i) + 1 for all edges (i,j) E R(g) is considered.

B) Subsequent iterations of procedure GOLDBERG II. For each vertex i, the distance function d(i) and cess e(i) are given in the triple numbers along the arcs represent the current flows. (c) Maximum flow at the end of GOLDBERG II. pre 31 MAXIMUM FLOWS At the beginning, the current neighbors are cn = (2,5,7,6,3,2,8,5). At the end of the first phase, with is defined. vertex 4 f P= In the second phase, 5 a minimum cut with X = (1,4,6) the excess of the one violating X is returned to the source 1.

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