Advances in Mass Spectrometry by P.G. Kistemaker and N.M.M. Nibbering (Eds.)

By P.G. Kistemaker and N.M.M. Nibbering (Eds.)

Those complaints, containing the texts of the invited lectures, hide all features of mass spectrometry together with conception, primary reviews, functions and instrumentation. Emphasis is put on contemporary advancements. a whole directory of the posters is integrated

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Int. J. Mass Spectrom. ) and magnetic fields, the ion cyclotron orbital radius is proportional to the excitation period and is independent of the ionic mass-to-charge ratio. The ion cyclotron orbital frequency is independent of the ion cyclotron orbital radius and there is no restriction on the type of charged particles that may be investigated. However, a homogeneous magnetic field is not sufficient to confine ions, since ions can move freely along the magnetic field direction. f. electric field excitation/ detection is no longer an accurate model for actual trap geometries.

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