Adjectives and Adverbs: Syntax, Semantics, and Discourse by Louise McNally, Christopher Kennedy

By Louise McNally, Christopher Kennedy

During this quantity prime researchers current new paintings at the semantics and pragmatics of adjectives and adverbs, and their interfaces with syntax. Its issues comprise the semantics of gradability; the connection among adjectival scales and verbal element; the connection among that means and the positions of adjectives and adverbs in nominal and verbal projections; and the fine-grained semantics of other subclasses of adverbs and adverbs. Its objectives are to supply a entire imaginative and prescient of the linguistically major structural and interpretive homes of adjectives and adverbs, to spotlight the similarities among those different types, and to sign the significance of a cautious and certain integration of lexical and compositional semantics. The editors open the publication with an outline of present examine prior to introducing and contextualizing the rest chapters. The paintings is geared toward students and complicated scholars of syntax, semantics, formal pragmatics, and discourse. it is going to additionally attract researchers in philosophy, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition drawn to the syntax and semantics of adjectives and adverbs.

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Languages may then (and generally do) invent ways to modify the different layers of structure. A typical modifier for the DP level is a demonstrative, though other kinds of modifiers are possible; Zhang (2004) argues, in effect, that Chinese has a way of modifying the D layer with a relative clause. A demonstrative may be grammaticized as a D head when a reanalysis takes place from the demonstrative being a phrasal adjunct to DP in one generation to being a head of D in another. Similarly, a language may over time invent a way to modify the unitP level, with various quantifiers or numeral phrases.

Taranto also discusses the consequences of the analysis for a theory of discourse and concludes on the basis of the facts that the discourse model must include a representation both of the conversation taking place (see Stalnaker 1998) and of the individual public and private commitments of the conversation participants (Gunlogson 2001). 1 Introduction Patterns in adjective ordering have long been noted, and have been characterized in impressionistic semantic terms: “inherent” properties are expressed closer to the noun (Whorf 1945), or “objective” properties are (Hetzron 1978).

Borer’s category e div and its manifestation Cl [assifier] are intended to capture properties both of the Asian classifier types and of English-style plurals. Thus, in the model here it is clearly Pl/sort which is closest to Borer’s e div . Borer argues that Chinese classifiers can assign range to both e div and e # (moving from the one to the other). Following this, I have suggested that many of the Asian classifiers are properly thought of as conflations of unit and sort (if head-movement is an option, then a typical Asian classifier might move from sort to unit, essentially as Borer suggests).

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