A Simple Thai Grammar by Werachai Setthapun

By Werachai Setthapun

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Both mean or not. / v' khun bpai ha maw r~-yang you go see the doctor or not Have you seen the doctor yet? mtuawannj khun thamngan ri'a-bplim yesterday you work or not Did you work yesterday? M~i or mai is a question word that is used when a simple yes or no answer is expected. v v (khuh) mi nangseu you have book Do you have a book? v. ma• Kl (how many) is usually followed by a classifier. k! mQng how many times At what time? 48 13 k! wan how many day How many days? A ~ ~ Thinai (short form is nai) means where.

MQng how many times At what time? 48 13 k! wan how many day How many days? A ~ ~ Thinai (short form is nai) means where. khun ja bpai you will go Where will you go? " ~ thinai where Yang-ngai (how) khun bpai thamngan yang-ngai you go work how How do you go to work? Khrai (who) is an exception. It comes before the sentence. khrai tham k,igw taek who make glass break Who broke the glass? It may also occur at the end of the sentence. a kap khrai you come with who Who did you come with? Arai is equivalent to what.

2 The negative word can be placed before an adjective or adverb. A. v thea mai suay she not pretty She is not pretty. v 1\ fon tok mat nak heavy rain fall not It didn't rain heavily. 46 12 3 The negative is also used after the modal auxiliary to show inability. It is placed after the verb or at the end of the sentence. th~ 1': , /\ wamam matbpen she swim not can She cannot swim. v A A phom rna bprachum maidai I come meeting not can I cannot come to the meeting. dA, khun Ja mat a• h"en th~ you will not see her You will never see her again.

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