A grammar of Movima by Katharina Haude

By Katharina Haude

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The syllable structure is simple: either CV or CVC. Morphological features which deserve special mention include the existence of an infix, inserted according to metric criteria. Different types of reduplication are not only frequent, but also serve a wide range of functions which are noteworthy from a cross-linguistic perspective. These include, among other things, voice marking, the marking of inalienable possession, the expression of predicative possession, and nominalization. Furthermore, Movima uses 10 different cliticization processes to distinguish grammatical relations.

5) behaves in the same way as a vowel-initial word (cf. (120)) or as a bound nominal elemen (cf. (124)) when attached as a suffix: (127) a. i/ b. i/, have a consonant-initial allomorph when attached to a base-final vowel. Their two allomorphs are given in (128)–(131). (128) /e / [ ] /C__ [n ]/V__ ‘applicative’ (129) /ak/ [a ] /C__ [ka ]/V__ ‘irrealis’ (130) /uk/ [u ]/C__ [ku ]/V__ ‘intensive; phasal aspect’ (131) /aj / [aj ]/C__ [kaj ]/V__ ‘intensive; phasal aspect’ Examples (132)a and b illustrate the allomorphy of the applicative suffix /e / (cf.

These nouns have the structure CV V. The following are a few examples: (84) ['k ] [' ] ['ma a] ‘tree, firewood’ ‘fire’17 ‘my mother’ The second vowel of these nouns shares some properties with the release vowel, so that the underlying form of the defective nouns can be considered to be /CVk/. However, there is evidence that the second vowel has a proper phonemic status, as I will show below. ). 31 First of all, consider the data which support the analysis of the final vowel as a release vowel. As could be seen in the nouns in (84), this vowel is identical to the preceding vowel.

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