A Grammar of Mongsen Ao (Mouton Grammar Library) by Coupe, A.R.

By Coupe, A.R.

A Grammar of Mongsen Ao, the results of the authors fieldwork over a ten-year interval, provides the 1st entire grammatical description of a language spoken in Nagaland, north-east India. The languages of this sector stay under-documented for a few historic purposes. in the course of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the common cultural perform of head-hunting discouraged outsiders from coming into the Naga Hills. almost immediately after Indian independence in 1947, an armed uprising by way of Naga separatists and a central authority coverage of proscribing entry to the afflicted zone ensured that Nagaland remained a tricky position to behavior study. during this context, A Grammar of Mongsen Ao bargains important new insights into the constitution of a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in a linguistically little-known quarter of the area. The grammatical research files all of the sensible domain names of the language and comprises 4 glossed and translated texts, the latter being of curiosity to anthropologists learning folklore. Mongsen Ao is a hugely agglutinating, in most cases suffixing language with predominantly dependent-marking features. Its grammar demonstrates a few typologically fascinating positive aspects which are defined intimately within the e-book. between those is an strange case marking procedure during which grammatical marking is influenced by means of semantic and pragmatic elements, and a wealthy verbal morphology that produces difficult sequences of agglutinative suffixes. Grammaticalisation tactics also are mentioned the place suitable, thereby extending the charm of the ebook to linguists with pursuits in grammaticalisation conception. This booklet can be of worth to any linguist trying to make clear genetic relationships in the Tibeto-Burman family members, and it'll serve extra commonly as a reference grammar for typologists attracted to the typological function

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Coupe (1998, 1999, 2003a) describe the phonetics, phonology and tone system of Mongsen, and Coupe (2002) offers a preliminary analysis of the tense and mood system. This is superseded by Coupe (2003c) and the present work. ) exists in the SOAS library at the University of London. Mills’ data is used in the classification of Marrison (1967). Published work on the Chungli dialect includes an early grammatical description (Clark [1893] 2002), an early dictionary (Clark [1911] 1990), a phonetic reader (Gowda 1972) and a brief grammatical sketch (Gowda 1975).

This led him to wrongly assume that 30 Phonology and phonological processes the Mongsen transcriptions of Mills, which did suggest two contrastive stop series, were non-phonemic variants that had been inconsistently transcribed (Marrison 1967, I: 9). Marrison subsequently adjusted the Longchang Mongsen transcriptions to fit with his phonological interpretations of Chungli phonology. Thus, Marrison’s ‘Ao Group’ of Type 3C is chiefly characterized on page 26 as not distinguishing phonemic contrasts between k ~ kh, t ~ th and p ~ ph .

Chungli varieties are believed to demonstrate as much between-village variation as that documented in this work for Mongsen. As noted in Coupe (2003a: 3), the dominance of Chungli as the standard language of the Ao can be attributed to the work of the American Baptist missionaries, who initially lived in Molung Yimchen and its Christian colony Molung Yimsen on the Changkikong range, before moving to Impur to establish a mission on the Asetkong range in 1894. 9. Review of literature 17 subsequently spread through the introduction of literacy via the work of the Impur mission, and then by the introduction of the Ao Bible.

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