A Grammar of Modern Latvian (Slavistic Printings and by Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson

By Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson

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Sing, must be pronounced ca-nu, not can-u: in a vowel, Thus, canu, to cam, to love, cà-ru, not car-u : glanach, cleaner, glà-nach, not glan-ach. 67. Penults are short, monosyllabic forms. (a) they are short in their simple, if Cànu, to bleach, fr. can. Brônau, breasts, LI and s are always short in penults, although 11 s is loiiff, in monosyllables. Hull : hòllol, entire. Bs : fr. is bròn. uncei-tain, and bsedd, fingers. Long monosyllables become half long in penults, a syllable beginning with a voivel is added.

TM, father. Mam, Taid, N. w. Tad Tad cu, da, Tarw, (a) Älilgi, gu, y grandmother. dda, Buwch, cow. Powis J bull. of the above are distinguished in the a greyhound. JBy adding the termination es to Arglwyddes, lady. Mynaches, nun. Dynes, woman. Brenhines, queen. Tywysoges, j^rincess. Brenin, king. -prince. In a few instances the fem. number of the masculine. (a) is formed by adding By changing the termination Asyn, yn Clobyn into en. Asen, she-ass. Hogen, young lad. Coegyn, saucy felloio. Merlyn, 2}ony.

Fem. Cernod, a blow on the cheek, fr. , side of the head. Palfod, a blow with the palm of the hand, fr. palf, f, palm, (a) "When it implies a verbal noun (= ad or iad) it is mas. Darllenawd, a reading. Gyrawd, a driving. 146. Ai, denoting animate objects, is generally of common gender. Telynai, n. c, harpist. {a) Magai, n. c, one who rears. When barometer. implying a thing or instrument, Exc. , churn. it is mas. Awyrbwysai, 147. Proper names of objects are of the same gender as the common nouns which denote the same objects.

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