A commentary on the plays of Sophocles by Professor James C. Hogan B.A. M.A. Ph.D.

By Professor James C. Hogan B.A. M.A. Ph.D.

James C. Hogan introduces every one play via highlighting particular and interpretive difficulties suitable to that play sooner than turning to a line-by-line research. the road research is entire, starting from the meanings of phrases and words that pertain to numerous Greek rules and associations to metaphor and imagery particular to every play in addition to plots and borrowings from prior poetry, kinds, and characterizations.Along together with his exam of the seven extant performs of Sophocles in English translations, Hogan presents a normal advent to the theatre in Sophocles’ time, discussing staging, the conventions of the Greek theatre, the textual content of the performs, and mythology and faith.

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Like Aristotle, we read more plays than we see; for the Greeks theater was spectacle. Later plays like the Electra and Philoctetes demonstrate a supple integration of choral lyric, monody, and lyric dialogue, but neither Sophocles nor Euripides ever abandoned the independent stasimon, which by its very nature must somewhat retard speech and action. In sum, there was much more of the opera, ballet, and oratorio in Greek tragedy than our criticism implies. We should not forget the festive context.

Various attempts to emend away this last group seem unwarranted. " Aeschylus (Seven against Thebes 489) and others know a temple of Athena (= Pallas) Onca; the second has not been identified. Ismenus (also a local river) had a cult and was worshipped as a son of Apollo; his sanctuary was southeast of the city. Page 23 Oracles by fire are had either from the remains of sacrificial offerings or from the flames themselves. 2424b The imagery of the ship of state is traditional (cf. Ant 16263). Oedipus is the pilot of the ship (104, 691, 923), which may soon be emptied by the plague (5657).

Man seeks to know the future from divine prophecy, but like Jocasta, he knows that the servants of Phoebus err (OK 70713), and again, like Heracles, he will put the best face on ambiguous reports (Tr 116673). Even though divine purpose and knowledge are inscrutable, the intellectual Greek finds purpose and meaning after the fact. Such discovery does not annul his own responsibility any more than it makes certain the nature of divine purpose. Page 15 There is nothing here which is not Zeus. (Tr 127778) This last sentence of the Women of Trachis states a belief, not a fact.

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