2083 — A European Declaration of Independence by Andrew Berwick a.k.a. Anders Behring Breivik

By Andrew Berwick a.k.a. Anders Behring Breivik

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There is a common misconception regarding Islam and Christianity. A lot of people believe today that Christianity still is and was as evil as Islam?! I can attest to the fact that this is absolutely incorrect. Jihadi motivated killings, torture and enslavement count for more than 10 times as Christian motivated killings. However, the politically correct Western establishments want us to think otherwise. The essence of multiculturalism is that all cultures and religions are “equal”. In this context our Western governments launched a great “campaign of deception” against their own people with the goal of creating a falsified version of the Islamic and European Civilisation, in order to make them equal.

An oft-invoked counterweight for the charge-sheet against Islam, is the fanaticism record of Christianity. It is indeed well-known that Christianity has been guilty of numerous temple destructions and persecutions. But the reason for this fanaticism is found in the common theological foundation of both religions: exclusivist prophetic monotheism. The case against Christianity is at once a case against Islam. Moreover, in spite of its theologically motivated tendency to intolerance, Christianity has had to go through the experience of "live and let live" because in its formative period, it was but one of the numerous sects in the pluralist Roman Empire.

The political context of the growth phase of Islamology provides a part of the explanation. Mature colonialism was not waging war against Islam, but sought the cooperation of the established social forces in the colonised populations. The British cooperation with the Indian Muslims is well- known; it is epitomised by the founding in 1906 of the Muslim League, which sought to "inculcate loyalty to the British Empire in the Indian Muslims". In French West Africa, in the same period, Islam was accepted as a factor of social stability, and General Lyautey pursued a dream of a FrancoIslamic synthesis culture in Algeria.

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